Media Ownership Monitor (MOM) Sri Lanka

Verité Research and the not-for-profit international organisation Reporters Sans Frontières (Reporters without Borders) launched the Media Ownership Monitor (MOM) Sri Lanka on 25th October 2018.

This is the first time the initiative has been carried out in South Asia.
The Media Ownership Monitor is a continously updated, publicly accessible website that maps out the owners of all the country’s relevant mass media outlets. It aims to shed light on the risks to media pluralism caused by media ownership concentration. In order to grasp the national characteristics and detect risk-enhancing or risk-reducing factors for media concentration, MOM also qualitatively assesses the overall context and legal environment in the given country. Thus far, MOM has been carried out in 14 other countries across the world.

Gayanga Wijesena

Written by Gayanga Wijesena

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